April 2017

20 April Meeting.

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Bill Dunlevy at 7 PM.

Our Chapter is in dire need of a Secretary/Treasurer. Chapter has $1972.00 available in it bank account. Will need to pay for Prospecting items/Gold for the Annual Metal Detecting event in June. The Chapter has a lot of Points from National GPAA, we need to find out what the chapter can get with them.

Old Business: Our Secretary has stepped down. We are looking for a couple of people to fill vacancies within our club, anyone interested should contact our Pres. or VP. 

Sign-up sheets for BLM Outdoor Week (16-19 May) and Memorial Day outing (26-29 May) are still available. BLM Outdoor Week Luncheon is Friday after clean-up/Breakdown. Memorial Day Outing Potluck will be on Sunday (28 May) at 4 pm. In the past Crow Creek has reduce its daily fees for our outing to $15 a day per person (Panning/Sluicing) and not charge for camping. This is a good time for newcomers to learn from some of the old-timers on panning techniques and the proper ways to set up a sluice box.

Girl Scout outing is on 3 June at the Alaska State Fair Grounds. Will need to see what is all required/involved.

The 5th Annual Metal Hunt and Barbeque is schedule for 24 June on Palmer/Fishhook Rd in Palmer. This is a pay per event so sign up early.

New Business: There was a meeting at Moose Pass and at the Millennium Hotel to discuss the Snowpass Dam and the purposed electrical Grid. There will be mineral closures in these areas. Anti-Coal is wanting to close down mining in general.

BLM had a History of Gold Mining presentation at the science center. Pres. will see if they can cut the presentation down to 25-30 minutes and present it at an upcoming meeting.

LaRea and Gene returned from Arizona to report that MR. Dole supports dredging and encourages others to take up the cause. California is still not issuing Dredging permits despite the court rulings.

AMA update their request for our chapter support at the Alaska State Fair. They tried to change the dates however that was denied. AMA had a few miners that said they could help with the request for  gold flakes donations to help with upcoming events. There were a few thousand mining claims that were void for this season, please check to make sure your claims are still valid.

All events are posted on our website "alaskagolddiggers.org".

Meeting Adjourned at 7:55 PM

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