April Minutes

April 16, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Bill Dunlevy at 7:00.  31 members attended, 6 are new.

Minutes and Tres. Reports were read and approved.

Old Business –Gold Show – Fliers, vendor letters and donor forms were available for members to use.  Posting should be done in May and June. Bill requested each member solicit two prizes such as gift certificates.  Bill Bear will contact SBS for sand donations.  Booth fees will be $50/day.  Bill Bear will solicit TV and newspapers.  Bill Dunlevy agreed to be interviewed for June publication.  He will contact AMDS for use of their Fri. commercial interview.

Chicken Outing – We need to list our names on the outing sheet.  We expect 50 members to attend. We will use Mike Busby’s Chicken Gold Camp.

Crow Creek outing – membership cards were given to members.  Club members showed interest in using Crow Creek and having an outing there during the summer.  Bill will contact the Tooheys.

New Business – Election of Officers.  The slate of officers was read.  There were no volunteers for office.  John Pakan moved to accept the slate.  Motion was seconded and approved by show of hands.  Officers are Tom Ireland, Pres.  Bill Dunlevy, Vice president,  Bonnie Tisler, Sec and Tres., Roger King, events chairman, Christine Crouch, claims chairman.

Craig Casner circulated a sign up sheet for the panning instruction during Outdoor Week.  Dates are May 12-15 from 9:00 to 1:00 at the Bicentenial Park.

Bill Dunlevy finally got his long delayed plan of operations approved.

Roger King made a motion to adjourn.  Motion passed and meeting was ajourned.

Respectfully submitted by

Bonnie Tisler, Secretary - Treasurer

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