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      2 Sept 2017, AMA Event - Alaska State Fair. 

     24 June 2017, The MATSU DIRTFISHERS Annual Metal Detecting Hunt & BBQ.

      2-3 June 2017 Girl Scout of America, Alaska

     26 - 29 May 2017, Crow Creek Outing.  

     16 - 19 May 2017, BLM Outdoor Week.  

     17-19 Feb 2017, Anchorage Boat Show.  

    3 - 5 September 2016  Crow Creek Outing

     3 September 2016, Alaska State Fair.


Monthly Chapter Meeting - Third Thursday of the month.  6 PM Pot Luck Chow, 7 PM Business Meeting

The Anchorage Chapter meets the third Thursday of every month, 7:00 PM at the Alaska Industrial Hardware (AIH) offices at 2192 Viking Dr.  This not a retail site but it is near Mountain View.  Road directions are north on Reeve Blvd through the light to Viking Dr.  Turn left on Viking Dr. The large white warehouse is on the left.  Go to the west end of the building.  The meeting site is an attached blue one-story windowed structure.  We will have the door open for you.  Park at the far west side of the parking lot.





     **  There will be no meeting in July, Aug, or Sept 2017.  Next meeting in October

     **  The Club is still looking for a few Board Members anyone interested please contact Bill (Pres.) or Jim (V.P.)


RS 2477 Update: 21 March 2017.   Since the links to this case have been discontinued by the source, I assume that the case has been resolved.  The latest account of status of the Carey Mills issue that I could locate can be found at this LINK.  



Other Notices

 If any member has items for sale, send me a pix, description, and price and I will post it  on the Buy - N - Sell page.

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