February 2012

February 16, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Vice-Pres. Bill Dunlevy at 7:00.  30 attended 2 are new.

Minutes and Tres. Report were read and approved.

Old Business –Ice Fishing Jamboree was held last weekend. We cancelled our participation due to short notice and lack of available volunteers.  We thank member Richard Freisinger for giving youth this opportunity to ice fish.

Fish and Game came to the AMA small miner’s committee meeting.  They agreed they had overstepped their authority to change the restrictions on recreational mining.  They plan to continue attending the Committee meetings.

RS 2477 – Rep. Don Young has written a letter to our Governor and the BLM director re: trail and road access on public lands.

New Business – Chicken -  Mike Busby has said the picture on use of his claim has improved but was not specific at this time.  Sign up sheets were posted for those planning to attend.

Outdoor Week – BLM has invited us to continue our participation.  Sign-up sheets posted.

Jim Troxell showed us an add for a drawing in Oregon to benefit recreational mining legislation.  Peggy Bear made a motion to spend $200 on raffle tickets.  Motion was seconded and passed by the membership.

Web site renewal – Bill Bear stated the renewal fee is $54.87.  He recommended renewal and will submit the bill to the treasurer.

Steve Gieseking started a discussion about rental of claims in Hatcher pass and Cache Creek.  Membership felt this would be beneficial.  Possibility for an outing.

Bill Dunlevy showed his sight bucket and gave directions on use and manufacture.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Respectfully submitted by Bonnie Tisler, Sec. Tres.

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