January 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Ireland at 7:00.   33 attended 6 are new.

Minutes and Tres. Report were read and approved.

Old Business – AMA meeting – The permit requirements were discussed.  Next meeting of the AMA small miners is Jan.19th at 10 AM.  Steve Hersbach is actively working on this through our legislators.

Richard Freisinger reports the Ice Fishing Jamboree dates are not set yet.  He has contacted the Fish and Game.  There is a 50% chance this event could happen.

New Business – Chicken -  Mike Busby may have lost access to the Meyer Fork claim.  He is trying to gain access through the State.  He may also have access through Federal Land.  There is a possibility of the use of other claims.

Announcement – K.C. Jones says there are two dredges available from a Wasilla miner.  The 2” Keene is priced at $200.  It was suggested he list them on our web site.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Respectfully submitted by Bonnie Tisler, Sec. Tres.

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