June 2011

June 16, 2011

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Bill Dunlevy at 7:00. 39 members attended, 2 are new.

Minutes and Tres. Report were read and approved.

Old Business – Crow Creek Outing was a success with good weather.The Outdoor Channel came on Monday and interviewed Bill Dunlevy. They are doing a feature on the Gold Rush.

Several members volunteered to teach panning in the Valley at a vacation bible school.

Chicken outing – 75 members have signed up. Bill Dunlevy described the activities. Motion was made by John Pakan, second by Gene Groves to donate $200 for the prizes. Passed. We will have a potluck Sunday evening. Members will again volunteer to set-up, cook, and clean up for the 4th picnic. Bill Dunlevy will present our funds to Carey Mills for his trail efforts at the annual meeting before the picnic.

Reports – Jim Troxell did get his explosives. No instructions came with the chemicals. The representative from Palmer will advise him.

Christine Crouch said they got gold in Stanton. They went to the Rendezvous for a meeting of Chapter officers. There was a group outing and they saw lots of snakes. Chris used her high banker as a recirculator to conserve water. They used a vacuum system on hardpan.

The Jack Wade public area is upstream from the bridge.

Rick Parks suggested we form a committee for the gold show and notify GPAA.

Sean Leonard said the Tok cutoff is under reconstruction and there may be work at Sheep Mt.

Meeting was adjourned

Respectfully submitted by

Bonnie Tisler, Sec./Tres.

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