June 2112

June 21, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Sec. Bonnie Tisler at 7:00.  Pres. Tom Ireland and vice-Pres Bill Dunlevy were unable to attend.   31 attended..

Minutes and Tres. Report were read and approved.

Old Business – Chicken Outing.  22 people are on the sign-up sheet.  Bill Dunlevy will be unable to go.  Chicken Gold Camp will be informed of the number for the meat purchase.  Motion was made by Bonnie Tisler that The Chapter  fund $200 in prizes.  Jim Troxal will get the prizes.  The Chapter grey Boxes and the prizes will be transported to Chicken.  Potluck is Monday and we will provide the hot dogs and buns.

Colorado Creek – Kenai Chapter is hosting an event July 14 with officials from the Government agencies.  Bonnie Tisler gave road Directions to the claim area.  Numbers count and we are encouraged to attend.

Palmer Museum still wants us to join them on Fridays to teach panning and possibly sell salted sand.

New Business – Bonnie Tisler e-mailed the BLM to request a speaker.  They have received the request, but no time or speaker has been designated.

BLM has a  September event at the Campbell Track for the public, which is similar to the Outdoor Week we have been helping with.  There may be an opportunity for us to reach the public and teach panning.

Announcements – Peterson Creek GPAA claim has been bought and is not available for our use.

Linda Henderson said the Treasure Seekers will have an event this weekend at the Palmer Fairgrounds.  Their regular monthly meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of the month

Jim Troxel will participate in a DNR sponsored event at Hatcher Pass on July 4th.  Gold has been purchased by DNR.

One member asked about our salted sand.  We have a bucket of Bags that are left over from previous events and are for sale 

One member requested a report on the Crow Creek outing.  Bonnie Tisler gave information.  Bill Dunlevy found a good spot for our tourist visitors.  The potluck was good and the weather beautiful on Sunday.

Chris Crouch announced that they are having an garage sale at 8AM this weekend.  Some mining equipment is available.

KC Jones brought a sample of a different miner’s moss and has donated it to our drawing.

Bonnie Tisler has received no word to our request to be reinstated as a Chapter by GPAA.

Bonnie Tisler reported on our Chapter attendance at the EPA clean water hearing.  5 members attended.  Bonnie and Richard Freisinger both testified.  Richard was #1 and Bonnie #72.  One speaker asked for a show of hands pro and con on the Pebble prospect.  The attendees were split about 50/50 and not disruptive.  We have until July 15th to submit written comments to the EPA.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45.

Respectfully submitted by Bonnie Tisler, Sec. Tres.  Minutes were taken by Sandi Garcia.

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