November 2016

17 November

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Bill Dunlevy at 7 PM. 26 Members in attendance.

Old Business: Boat Show 17-19 Feb. 2017 at Dena'ina center. We will have to pay for parking. Set up on Thursday 16 Feb.  Still have not heard from Alaska Mining and Diving about the Sportsman Show.  BLM Outdoor week is scheduled for 16-19 May 2017.

New Business: Rudy reported on the California mining problems and some of the benefits.  Alaska Governor may be a problem as far as replacing some of the older mining laws.  New area opening up on Crow Creek next spring, should be available to us for our outing in May.  LaRea brought Kerwin Cross to talk with us, Kerwin is retired from AK DNR mining. He gave us some ideas about new places to prospect. Talked about how useful AK MAPPER can be. Mentioned that Alfred Creek area around Eureka area has produces good gold.

No Meeting Next month (Dec 2016)

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Meeting Minutes were taken by Karen Pakan.

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