September Minutes

September 17, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Vice Pres. Bill Dunlevy at 7:00 at the Alaska Industrial Hardware Offices.  32 members attended, 2 are new.

Minutes and Tres. Reports were read and approved.

Old Business – Crow Creek Mine – 20-30 members attended the Labor day outing.  Our prepaid fees were used and we owe the mine $144.00 for the outing.  We will be welcomed next year and may have to increase our pre-payed fee.  Members enjoyed the outing.

Gold Show – Was a great success.

New Business – We discussed the new meeting space and it’s use.  We will have snacks and coffee next month.  Sign up sheet was passed.  We will plan to have a Christmas potluck during our Dec. meeting.

Adventures.  Richard Freisinger returned to Chicken.  The panning tables produced more gold than the claim.

Greg Durocher – Went to Pebble prospect.  750 holes were drilled and there is no evidence of that activity.  He was shown core samples from the deposit.  $360 million has been invested so far.  The mining plan and the permits will be the next step in the process of opening the mine.

Bill Dunlevy – Reported on his two trips to the Wrangels near Nebesna.  He and Roger King suction dredged.  One day of their mining was supervised by BLM employees.  They were there to assess the production of the claim.  Roger King used his metal detector and found 21 nuggets on previously detected ground.

Bobby Little – He also went to Chicken and found good gold at the panning troughs.

Announcements – The California Legislature passed a bill last month to end suction dredging in the State.  The law is now being challenged in the courts.

Roger King made a motion to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted by

Bonnie Tisler, Sec. Tres.

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